At the Drachenfest you can – depending on your personal preferences – participate in many different ways: as a player in a camp, as one of the many types of NSC or as part of the management team.


As a player, you'll make one of the many camps your home. In addition to the faith of your character you will also follow the path of philosophy of your chosen camp. The way itself is not a deity, but rather it is a philosophical concept that encompasses, or is close to, the faith orientation of your character. For example, someone who believes in Ares would feel comfortable following the red path whilst those

who believe in Mother Nature would feel more comfortable on the green path.
The dragon is the symbol of divine power and represents the way of its colour and all the deities that are encompassed by its assigned path.

In the game your character is completely free and you can, through your actions, directly influence and shape the destiny of the world. You can decide which type of game you will play; whether you will partake in quests, adventures or missions or not, as the case may be. Whether you pursue any of the many small stories/plots with which we make the world tangible and real, partake in tricky diplomacy with other camps and institutions, revel in the great game of strategy to help your dragon rise to supremacy or even simply enjoy the numerous attractions of the city, it remains completely up to you.



The term “Springer NSC” refers to those participants who have no fixed role at the Drachenfest but instead change (as the name suggests) from one role to the next as required. They have probably the most diverse type of participation at the event and this is a great way to play many roles and interact with a great many players.

Springer NSC's are used for roles where both planned and spontaneous ideas by and for the players need to be implemented and run with. They are also required to take part in short patrols quite often within the city areas.

Springer-NSC's are also used in Limbus and, on request, you could become a hard-NSC in the limbus dealing with, tormenting and judging the just deceased:

The Limbus is a key feature of the Drachenfest. It is an exclusive and unique development for this event. All the souls of dead characters during the Drachenfest – except those who have died in the ritual circle or who have decided for themselves that they no longer want to come back to life – go to the Limbus. Wander through the darks halls of the Limbus and, if you are successful, you can return to life. The Limbus is a kind of “dungeon” but not the kind where you can simply fight through, but a place where the soul wanders and only good roleplaying will result in finding your way out to the world again. The Limbus is characterised by dense and exceptional roleplaying tasks and challenges as well as a “population” of the souls of the deceased, all combining to create an unique experience.


What would a city be without city dwellers? Without the little quarrels of the people, the intrigues of politics, the guilds vying for supremacy, the casino and trades people desperate to relieve you of your meagre horde of coins, or the overworked and undervalued administration trying to maintain some form of control and civilisation?

Become part of the city of Aldradach and help bring the centre of the Drachenfest to life! A place full of fun, excitement, sparkling vitality, intrigue and mystery. A place of good people side by side with those who would take advantage of them.

Application is via email to: steff(at)

Join the CITY NSC and help to make the greatest city in the world even greater!

Note: Applications are only valid after you have received confirmation that there is a position for you so please apply early.


Gold and riches await those who enter this place where fame and fortune favours the bold and brave gambler. But be warned! Quite a few have already with an empty wallet …

Become part of the casinos' ad Ovum Draconis – the “La Familia Verdone”. Whether as a croupier, a bouncer or a receptionist, you will be made welcome as a member of the most visited

attraction in the entertainment district of “Aldradach”.

To find out more and apply, join the forum and then report in to the casino market under “Fixed city Aldradach”. Here all your questions will be answered and all plans will be revealed.


The guilds play a very special role at the Drachenfest. Within their domain exists all the knowledge of the dragon realms. This is where new discoveries are made, where old texts are perused and debated, and special skills and knowledge can be gained for those deemed worthy.

The guilds are one of the largest NSC roles at

the Drachenfest. They deal with many issues and with many different types of knowledge-seeker and this creates a very intense and rich role-playing experience between the many different characters.


The Copper Dragon rules over an NPC camp, but one where its background and structure are completely immersed into the Drachenfest culture and concept. Copper is not the “bad guy” or just a camp of monsters with the aim of stirring up trouble or attacking camps. Like all the dragons, Copper follows its own path and also strives to win the Drachenfest. The Copper Dragon embodies the “Rule” and is used whenever we need to generate a very high voltage or intense plot at the Drachenfest.


We want to represent Copper beautifully and with good roleplaying – this is not “just a camp of monsters”. The aim is to convey the fanatically religious orientation and dedication of all of the characters – you will be required to dedicate yourself to this camp in every aspect so it offers an un-paralleled roleplaying experience.

We place a high value on game balance which means that we may bring in the Copper NSC to assist with plot elements. However, that doesn't mean that they will automatically succeed or the correct result will happen. The Copper NSC will always have the same chance of failure or success as all the other camps.

Similarly, we define that every task or plot can be prevented or promoted by players. To us, this game balance is very important. The free play concept must apply to all equally to ensure that every participant has fun.


What does this mean?

Drachenfest is created and run as a team. If you're interested in working together with us, as an important part of a larger whole, doing whatever it takes to ensure the event runs smoothly and that all participants have a great time, then you're in the right place!

It will sometimes be difficult, there will probably be a lack of sleep,it can be turbulent and, at times, sheer lunacy … but it's great fun and a hell of a ride!

Have you ever asked yourself why the SL volunteers come back every year? If you are with us at the concluding ritual on Saturday night where we stand and celebrate another successful Drachenfest, then you'll know it!

Popularly known as “gofers”, we need people who are up for the following tasks and more: fixed location SL, city SL, runners, plot SL, artisan SL, coordinators for NPCs, technicians, logistics, etc.

If you can see yourself working in any of these areas, then let us know; if you can think of anything else that is not listed here that you

could do particularly well, then let us know. The Drachenfest would not be able to take place without your dedicated assistance so if you can help, let us know!

Just register with our SL coordinator Caro, at caro(at)

Coordination is done via the Drachenfest SL Forum and the activation is done by Caro.

See you at the Drachenfest!

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