Dogs at the Drachenfest?

Dogs attending the Drachenfest is a difficult issue. Basically, as a rule, pets are not allowed at the Drachenfest. In exceptional cases this rule may be waived at our discretion. Please do not just 'turn up' with your dog – you must get authorisation from us first.

We are well aware that, especially in the case of dogs, a “dog sitter” is not always at hand and that, in a few cases, there is no way to re-accommodate the dog so you can attend.

For those few dog owners we want to create an opportunity to bring their dog to the Drachenfest. However, this can only be done in accordance with some very strict rules which must be observed at all times.

In our deliberations we took many things into account:
a) ensuring the safety of all
b) the views of those who either have a fear of dogs or are opposed to dogs in general at the Drachenfest
c) those dog owners who really cannot find alternative accommodation for their pets and still attend the Drachenfest.

So that we can bring try to accommodate all the differing viewpoints we have established a set of clear and fair rules that we will enforce and, if required, punish, as with all provisions for non-compliance, with the immediate permanent exclusion from the event. At issue here not so much the individual dog and dog owner, but the safety and well being of all the participants. On top of that we had to expand our Insurance policy explicitly for dogs.

The rules for dog owners at the Drachenfest:
1) The dog owner has a dog liability insurance and the vaccination records of the dog with them at all times. Anyone who cannot produce these on request can unfortunately not stay at the Drachenfest venue with a dog.
2) The dog owner will be assigned a fixed camping area near the back and the a trail. This is the where your tent and your dog must stay for the duration of the event. The only exception is the when you go for a walk, which is only allowed on the designated trail.
3) Access to the camp battle area or the inter-camp areas is not allowed. This includes a walk to the city which also can not be entered by dogs. If you allow your dog into these areas then you will be dealt with promptly by security.
4) The dog owner has the obligation to take care of their dog. This means they make sure that the dog does not run around freely, or act in an aggressive manner. As a dog owner you are always responsible for your dog and accidents at an event of this size with so many participants must not just happen.
5) Each dog must wear a muzzle.
6) Each dog must be on a leash at all times
7) Of course you have to pick up after your dog immediately.

Dear dog owners: By following the above points you are sending a clear sign to all those participants who generally do not want any dogs at the Drachenfest. These are probably in the majority and would determine whether dogs are allowed or not if we were forced to do an either/or decision. So it is up to you to show that it is easily possible for dogs to safely visit the Dragonfest without affecting the other participants.

Note: On the last Drachenfest there were certainly dogs, but is not “noticed” because all the owners have followed the rules. For which we would like to offer our thanks. Also most people have managed to “accommodate” their dog, so we had a total of less than 15 dogs throughout the DF site.

We very much hope that this system does not result in us having to introduce further rules, otherwise, we may unfortunately be forced to permanently exclude dogs from the event. Although some of the above may be heavily prescriptive, it is the only way to bring your dog if there is no other option.

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