Death and the Limbus

The struggle of the Dragon has, in the past, cost the lives of too many mortals. Therefore, the dragons have decided that during the festival death should not necessarily befall all the champions.

But it is not so easy to dismiss death but he agreed that the champions should be given a chance and so created the Limbus so that he could still exert his influence over the course of events.

This means:
Characters who die outside either the limbus or the ritual circle will be drawn to the world of the dragons in the limbus (players who are not healed within 10 minutes are considered 'dead' and must make their way to the Limbus immediately). Here, with a little luck and skill, your character may regain their life.

Note: This way to return back to life should not be seen as a “revival”, merely as a postponement of your eventual guaranteed death.

Note: As an alternative to the Limbus there is the Order of the Twilight Guardian which you will find near to the cemetery.

Final Death

The final death can befall a character in three ways:

- Dying within the ritual circle
- Failure to negotiate the Limbus
- Decision of the player to let their character die

If you lose your character in one of these ways then you are permanently dead, at least for the Dragonfest, and you may no longer use that character at this event.

Note: If a player wants their character to die in spite of the particular circumstances of the world of the Drachenfest, they are not compelled to come back to life. Should the player decide to kill off their character they should not go to the Limbus, but instead should give their character card and all associated items to their camp SL. If the death of a character occurs within the ritual circle, then the character card and all associated items for that character should be given to the ritual circle-SL. You are then free to create a new character and continue playing.

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