Live Action Role Play, LARP for short, is a game where, primarily, everybody cooperates and endeavours to show respect for all participants while trying to achieve their own objectives.

The Drachenfest provides the framework: the organisational elements, the general rules, the background and plot, serves as a guide and

environment, and provides the medieval style setting within which all the action takes place.

We create the place, the history, and provide the organisational prerequisites for your game. However we expect something from you in return.

With your registration you have booked to not only to participate in the Drachenfest but also to stay up to date with the safety rules and the rules of the Drachenfest event. This is an explicit obligation. Failure to comply with this may result in you being requested to leave the event without any form of refund or compensation.


The Dragon Festival is a big LARP with the emphasis on role-playing.

Due to the large scale nature of the event we ask that you respect the following conventions. Please bear in mind that compliance and/or non-compliance could lead to immediate removal from the event:

What is meant by each of the above points can read about in more detail by following the links.

We are responsible for the welfare and enjoyment of all the participants at the Drachenfest. Therefore, we'd like to state that the above-mentioned conventions are just as important as the general safety rules. Gross disregard of the rules may result in a warning and may even result in the immediate expulsion from the current and even future events.

Since we are all here for the purpose of engaging in an excellent role-playing event, we would hope that these rules could be adhered to at all times.

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