The city of Aldradach offers players, in addition to taverns, food, fun and relaxation, a real shopping experience. A myriad of traders from all over Europe gather in the traders alley to offer you a wide assortment of goods and equipment.

The taverns, caterers and hot tubs provide for your physical well-being. The casino and the arena will attract you with their games and hold you spellbound with tension. Musicians and jugglers delight with their arts and add to the ambience that is this thriving, bustling city. Many other businesses and institutions such as the Dating service, the Caravanserai, the Bank, the Dragon Temple, the Library, City Hall, the Teahouses, the

Krambambuli store, the Post Office and even more, make this city a lively and true fantasy city. A place teeming with mystery and adventure.

City of Dragons

First came the dragons. And they called their nobles and servants, their followers and fighters to compete with one another in the eternal struggle for supremacy, as was the custom since the beginning of time. And the dragons summoned the avatars and their assistants and they became the messengers of the dragons and the ones to speak for them.

But all these wanted a place to dwell and thus was created the dragon city. And their needs had to be met; places to eat, to drink and have fun, where they could dance, sing and celebrate, for they were mortals with desires and not gods, and could not exist, as the dragons themselves did, without their lower needs being met. Then they summoned the traders, the artisans and those who provided all the services within a place of dwelling. Thus was the first city founded. And it developed and flourished.

The island in the mists, at the behest of the Grey Dragon, was pillaged and poisoned by the Orcs until it sank beneath the eternal sea taking with it the first city, just one year after its creation.

The following year, there emerged a winner and, from beneath the waves, was raised a hard island. Thereafter came the avatars and the surviving inhabitants of the first city and together they built the second city, which they named Aldradach; a city over which all dragons provide protection so that it shall never suffer the fate of the first.

The city welcomes anyone who feels comfortable within her bounds and protects its inhabitants. Anyone who enters, with money or merchandise, is a welcomed warmly by the residents.

But every year the world changes, and the city transforms with it. The victorious dragon influencing its development in its own chosen direction.

Do you also desire to be a resident of the city? To have your life forever influenced by the ever changing dragons? Select the area where you want to live wisely; it will be your home, perhaps only briefly, perhaps forever. Only the dragons know.

Impressions of Aldradach

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